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"Bodaciously blunt and destined to learn form her mistakes (or not), this Jimmy Choo - wearing snoop hasn't even gotten her license yet, but if this initial outing is any indication, her next case should be another eye-opener."--Publishers Weekly, June 2010

“This book is delicious‚ inhabited by characters you love to hate and characters you love to love — notably Dainty Prescott‚ the most cheerfully flawed heroine since Scarlett O’Hara. She’s a train wreck you can’t look away from. Laurie Moore writes with talent‚ wit and an 'only in Texas’ sensibility that’s irresistible.”— Harley Jane Kozak

"... it's impossible to not get wrapped up in her débutante's debut." ~ Kirkus

"... the second in this series will please those enamored of Dainty's disasters, so long as they don't mind the high body count." ~ Kirkus

"In spite of being saddled with a nightmare family, Dainty performs admirably amid a sea of suspects." ~ Kirkus

"... offbeat paranormal cozy ... Moore is ever ready with witty banter and enough detail to create a powerful sense of place." ~ Publisher's Weekly



"Moore (The Wild Orchid Society, 2004, etc.) definitely thrives on excess. But she's wildly funny and impressively adroit at tying up all the wacky bits and pieces. Go ahead and read it. You need a good laugh." ~ Kirkus

And Laurie Moore moves from the Fort Worth, TX, setting of her romantic suspense series (Women Strangled News at Ten) to a hotter climate in Getting Mama Out of Hell (Five Star, Aug.) as Elle Winthrop and her daughter, Elizabeth, race to save Elle’s mother from eternal damnation, a problem they discover after their own deaths. ~ Kristi Chadwick, Library Journal

"Moore will keep readers on their most stylish toes as they follow fashionista Dainty in her pursuit of the surprising truth."--Publishers Weekly, May, 2011

Harley Jane Kozak

“Ms. Frels and her ‘leading lady’ DUTY introduced us to strange and charming people in weird and wonderful situations. TOTALLY ENGROSSING!

I kept turning pages to see what’s next…always comfortable with the friends I’d met and would like to see more of…perhaps in a television series. Ms. Frels does for the younger reader what Stephen King and Scott Turow do for adults…make us comfortable with the familiar, then take us on heart racing adventures.”~ Ruta Lee, Actor

“A great first novel. A real page turner. I loved it!” ~ Larry Hagman, Actor, re: Constable's Run

Sub-genre fans will want Moore detective tales from a Five Star author” ~ Harriett Klausner, re: The Wild Orchid Society

by Laurie Moore

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