At the age of six, Laurie Moore wrote her first novel in orange Crayola on blue construction paper and gave the mystery-horror hybrid to her father for his birthday.


This sixth generation Texan was reared in South Texas and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. degree. At her parents' urging to become a Spanish teacher, she rebelled and joined the police department. For six years, she worked street patrol and criminal investigations until the brass decided to promote her to the rank of sergeant (their way of getting a maverick officer to comply with standard operating procedures). Bad move.


She later worked as a DA Investigator in Austin, Lockhart, and San Antonio before moving to Fort Worth (kicking and screaming) in 1992 to attend law school at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law. She is currently in private practice in "Cowtown" and lives with her husband and a rude Welsh corgi, and recently retired as a licensed, commissioned peace officer after 34 years in law enforcement.


Laurie is the author of Deb on Air -- Live at Five, Wanted Deb or Alive, Deb on Arrival -- Live at Five, Couple Gunned Down -- News at Ten, Woman Strangled--News at Ten, Jury Rigged, The Wild Orchid Society, The Lady Godiva Murder, Constable's Wedding, Constable's Apprehension, and Constable's Run. Check out Laurie's BOOKS page for more about all of Laurie's books.


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